A Review of the Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System


The super-stylish look is what really sets the Orbit Baby G2 Stroller apart from all other strollers on the market. There’re so many amazing features we will discuss here. First of all, (as you probably already known) this stroller features a 360° rotation with 4 locking positions which can face back, front or either sides. There’s no need for a big parasol. Simply face the little one completely away from the direct sunlight.

The five second one-hand fold mechanism is something that has to be thoroughly examined since there’s a plastic lock on the same bar which rotates. As expected, this feature prevents it from accidentally closing on itself. Nonetheless parents want be able to easily apply the one handed folding of the stroller particularly in case they have in tow on the other hand the seat and the child sitting in it.

It is equipped with an enhanced suspension system (when compared to earlier versions) on all 4 sides that the manufacturer dubbed the Quad Shock. There are low-profile foam-filled tires – these tires really do contribute to a smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of the terrain. However, we have to say that it handles best on even surfaces.

The Orbit Baby G2 stroller is quite easy to assemble right out of the box. Just pull out the frame & snap on the 4 wheels until it clicks firmly into place. The toddler seat and infant car seat are basically fully assembled too. Parents will just have to snap on the bars into place along with the plastic piece holding the UV canopy & you’re all ready to go.

There’s one other problem with this high-end piece of baby product – there is no baby bassinet in the package. Parents will have to get the bassinet separately and, as expected, it’s not cheap at all. After all, no one is ready to pay a lot of cash for something that’ll be used only for half a year. It’s worth mentioning that the Bugaboo Cameleon features intelligently designed system around the aluminum frame that’s used to act as the toddler seat and also as the baby bassinet. Everything a parent has to do is swap fabrics on the frame. So once you’re all done with the bassinet function then it is possible fold the fabric flat and to keep it somewhere for the next child. The bassinet on this stroller does fold kind of flat.


Unfortunately, it still is not compact in any way because it comes with its own frame. This is definitely something the manufacturer has to improve in case they plan to be as innovative as what the Bugaboo Cameleon had become.

Overall, this stroller is one other beautifully-designed high-end model. The Orbit Baby G2 does not look or feel flimsy. It’s quite simple and many stylish moms will like it. It’s much like the Mercedes of strollers. And like any Mercedes car, there’re short-comings and also competitor cars with plenty more features and a more reasonable price tag. On the other hand, not everyone will ever come close to the superior design & simplicity of the Orbit Baby G2 Stroller .

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