Sleeping Bags For Hot Weather

Most people think of children’s sleeping bags as thick and warm and good for the winter time. As a result, when the weather gets warmer, or people travel (such as on a vacation) to a place where it’s hotter than where they are now, they often stop using sleeping bags, even if their child is used to them to help them sleep.

Just because the weather is warmer you don’t need to stop using a sleeping bag for your child. No, sleeping bags can be used all year round as they come in a variety of different materials and thicknesses, designed for all but the hottest weather. When summer comes around where we live (as opposed to all the wind and rain at the moment!) I like to use thin cotton sleeping bags, so that they breath naturally and keep my son from getting too hot.


Why keep using a sleeping bag?

Some people ask me “why use a sleeping bag at all?” and instead just use summer pajamas. And that’s fine for some kids, but if your child is really used to a sleeping bag, like mine is, then this might have an impact on sleep. The reason for this that children love routine. And sleep time is no different. So if your child regularly wears a sleeping bag then they’ll feel better in a sleeping bag, and will more likely be able to go to sleep by themselves, as they associate wearing a sleeping bag with sleep time. As a result, even thought the weather is different your child’s routine is not impacted, hopefully meaning a better night’s sleep.

What to look for?

As I mentioned before, lightweight breathable materials are best for warm weather sleeping bags. This means your child will not get too hot and sweaty in their sleeping bag and will be more comfortable. Natural fibers like cotton are ideal for this, but cotton blends will do as well. Try and ensure that for cotton blends there is not too much artificial material – like polyester – in the blend. Anything more than 40% is not suitable, and the less polyester the better.

Bags that are made completely from synthetic materials are not suitable for hot weather as they are uncomfortable. In addition to not breathing like natural materials, and being hotter and sweatier, they may irritate your child’s skin more with increased humidity. So stay away.

What about really hot weather?

Of course, if the weather is really hot then a sleeping bag may not be appropriate. Even the thinnest and lightest sleeping bag might be too much for your child in really hot weather. On days like these I find it is usually best simply to let my son sleep in as little as possible, often just a night time diaper. Such heat tends to tire children out and make them sleepy, so when the mercury soars then issues of routine are usually cast aside, and just making sure your child is comfortable is really the most important thing.

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Top Features in a Travel Crib

Travel cribs are very versatile – they are not just good for travel, but also make a great alternative to a bulkier portable crib and can also be used as a play pen. For this reason, travel cribs are also very popular. They can be quite pricey, however, so it’s important to do some research to discover the best travel crib for you. Here are some of the features to look out for!

Age Range

Different travel cribs are suitable for different age ranges, so you need to take into account the age of your child when you purchase one and how long you wish to use the crib for. Some are not suitable from birth whereas others are not suitable once your baby is standing, so this is a very important factor. If your child is 2 or over, you may also want to investigate a toddler travel bed as a great alternative to a travel crib. Read more about the best toddler travel beds here.

best travel cribs
Photo credit: Frankly PM

Size of the Travel Crib

It is important to pick a travel crib that is a suitable size. Although travel cribs are all relatively compact and small, there can be large variations between them. The size when folded particularly matters if you plan on flying with the travel crib or if you have a small car. You need to ensure that you will be able to fit your travel crib into your luggage or into the trunk of the car.


Like the size of a travel crib, the weight is also important. This is also especially the case if you are flying and need to ensure that it will fit into your luggage allowance. You also need to be able to carry your travel crib easily.


It’s important that anywhere you lay your baby to sleep is safe. Any travel crib you buy should meet all safety guidelines and be appropriate for your child’s age. Read more about travel crib safety here.

Extra Features

Once you have determined that a certain travel crib meets your size, weight and age range requirements, you should ensure that it also has any extra features that you require. For example, some also make a great, safe place for your baby to play. Others come with mosquito nets or rain covers.


Although it has been left to last, this is probably the most important feature. You must ensure the travel crib fits into your price range. There is a large range of prices for a good travel crib. There is no need to spend a fortune, but a bit of extra money can buy you better quality and more features.

There are many travel cribs to pick from and getting the right one can be tricky. A great resource is to find out more tips and tricks to finding your perfect crib.

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Why an Umbrella Stroller’s Suspension Matters

It doesn’t matter whether your umbrella stroller is for a simple walk into town or whether you have a double jogging stroller that you use for your morning run, the suspension matters. Have you ever sat in a low car while going over a speed bump? Can you remember the way the force slams in to you as you hit the ground on the other side? Well that’s exactly what you baby will feel should you choose your umbrella stroller without putting any thought into the suspension.

You live in an urban area

So you think because you live in an urban area that all the terrain you will be crossing will be smooth and flat? Have you thought about all the curbs you will be going over? Have you thought about all the cracked paving stones, steps and hills you will have to navigate, if you haven’t then really should think about the situation again. The fact is that even in urban areas there are lumps and bumps all over the place that will rattle your baby around unless you have adequate suspension.

You live in a rural area

So you live in a rural area and there aren’t many curbs around, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need suspension on your umbrella stroller, in fact it increases your need. Any stone or ditch in the path you take will affect your baby unless the suspension is holding it away. So again you need to make sure that your stroller has the right protection for your little one.

Side Affects

If you don’t have the right suspension on your umbrella stroller then your baby could get seriously hurt. There are such disorders as shaken baby syndrome that can actually be caused by being shaken and that’s exactly what will happen if the suspension isn’t enough in your pram. Now in most cases the shaking in the pram will only be mild and will cause no harm, even if it does cause some discomfort but in some cases the effects could be a lot worse.

Another problem with poor suspension that is much milder than shaken baby syndrome is that your child will simply not be able to get to sleep. They will feel every lump and bump in the road as if it is right next to them and it will make an impossible situation when it comes to settling them down. So if your baby likes being walked to sleep then this will be a disaster.

best strollers

In conclusion

An umbrella stroller’s suspension is one of the most important features to consider when choosing which stroller to buy. If it isn’t suitable for the terrain that it will be used on then it could cause your baby a great deal of discomfort. This discomfort can cause a whole array of problems from sleep deprivation to syndromes that could affect your baby for life, so while you might have thought that umbrella stroller suspension was just another selling gimmick you couldn’t actually be more wrong.

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Top Recommended Features When Buying a Double Jogging Stroller

If you are thinking about trying to get fit after just becoming a parent then you might be thinking about buying a double jogging stroller, however after a quick look on the internet you are barraged with 100s of different makes and brands all calling out and saying they are the best. So what do you look for? What makes one stand out in front of the other and how will you make the best choice that will work for both you and your child?

Suspension matters

The first thing you should think about when it comes to a double jogging stroller is the suspension. This isn’t going to be used in the same way as an umbrella stroller and you need to account for that. Think about it, where are you going to be jogging, in the park, through the backstreets? Where ever it is that you chose to jog, you will be bombarded with lumps, bumps and generally rough terrain. It won’t be you who suffers from this though, it will be your baby, so you need to make sure that you get the best possible suspension that you, to prevent your child from being thrown around.

Does your rear bar look big in this?

The rear bar can generally be a handy thing to have, except for when it comes to double jogging strollers. The rear bar will quickly become your enemy, the reason for your bruises and the bringer of pain. So you might want to think about your legs when purchasing your stroller. The ones without rear bars will be much more suitable for a good jog than those with.

Cab Space

If you are planning to jog through any area that might have lumps or bumps then you need to think about the amount of space your child has. Is there ample leg room and head room? Will they be hitting their heads on the top when you go over a hill and will their legs be dragging on the ground? I know this seems like an obvious thing but sometimes and most often the obvious things are with the things that get over looked.

Special features

Most prams try to have a unique selling point, something that really makes them stand out in a crowd but what special features might you want when using a double jogging stroller? Well most commonly you will find speakers that are built into your pram or a special place to put an Mp3 player, this might not sound like much but when you are out having a jog; you might appreciate a little music to your ears.

recommended double strollers

Other prams offer bottle holders which can be handy when you have a bottle of water or you know that your baby will need a feed somewhere along the way. You can often get bottle holders that are insulated meaning that hot things stay hot and cold things stay nice and cold.

If you are thinking about buying a double jogging stroller then these are things worth keeping in mind. After all what might work for you in terms of weight and size, might not work for your baby in terms of suspension and the ability to have a bottle.

Read our guide to picking best jogging stroller.

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Top 5 Best Rated Double Jogging Stroller Reviews 2014

When it comes to choosing a double jogging stroller it can be hard to know what exactly it is that you are looking for. After all picking an umbrella stroller is easy in comparison because you know all that has to do is make its way around town. So what features do you need to look out for? What makes a good double jogging stroller?

BOB Ironman

The first thing you want to think about when considering double jogging strollers is the suspension. Especially considering that fact that you will be travelling much faster than what is normally expected when pushing a stroller. The IronMan however has that covered with special patented technology that ensures the best double jogging stroller suspension on the market.

Instep Schwinn Arrow

The next thing you want to think about is weight, while it might be more of a work out pushing a heavy stroller around, it certainly won’t help you navigate across rough terrain or up hills. The Instep Schwinn Arrow offers the lightest build around, which when coupled with the built in Mp3 speakers and duel bottle holder makes it a good contender in the battle of double jogging strollers.

Joovy Zoom ATS

When considering double jogging strollers another thing to think about is the rear bar. If you plan on picking up any speed then you don’t want to be hitting your shins of the stroller as you go. Not only will it be painful at the time but you will end up with some big bruises too. So the Joovy Zoom becomes a strong contender in the battle as it specifically has no rear bar for the very reason of saving your legs. It’s also got a great one touch fold system that makes folding the stroller straight forward and non-time consuming.

Baby Jogger Fit

It isn’t all about your comfort though, you need to consider the child’s too and that is where the Baby Jogger Fit comes in. This stroller features the highest roof of all the stroller’s featured here, meaning that your toddler will be able to rest comfortably no matter how bumpy the terrain might get.

double stroller

BOB IronMan Sport Utility

If you don’t want to compromise then you might want to think about the IronMan Sport Utility, a little more expensive that its stroller this one is feature packed. It has the same patented suspension technology as previously mentioned but it also features much more leg room and head space for your little one, making it a much more comfortable ride. It does however still have a rear bar but with the simple design you won’t find this an issue.

In Conclusion.

When it comes to trying to keep fit after becoming a parent it can be hard to find the right balance between comfort for you and comfort for the child, however with these five great prams you will be able to find something that will perfectly suit you both. When it comes to double jogging strollers these really are the best on the market.

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Top 7 Best Umbrella Stroller Consoles & Organizers

Having a stroller is only half the battler when it comes to being a parent. It’s all very well and good having what you consider to be the best umbrella stroller on the market, with its ample bottom basket storage but when it comes to finding your keys in a hurry or trying to find your phone before the ringing stops you might start to wonder how on earth some parents manage. Well, if you really want to know their secret here it is, they all have umbrella stroller organizers and consoles. Not only do they make it a doddle to find your keys but they can also help you keep things like breast pumps discreet!

Carry-all from J.L. Childress

When it comes to an organizer that can do it all, then you don’t have to look any further than the Carry-all by J.L. Childrens. Not only does it have a see through mesh pouch that makes finding things a doddle but it also comes with two drink or bottle holders and a front compartment for all your little knick knacks.

Baby Jogger

This brilliant little console features ample space for your keys and cell phone but its little secret is the cooler pouch on the front. The cooler pouch is large enough to fit a drink or bottle into and makes hot days a breeze by reducing the worry of your babies milk keeping.

BOB console

This nifty little console is designed with jogging in mind and will fit any umbrella stroller. It has a handy Velcro fastening system which makes it easy to transfer from stroller to stroller and has two bottle or drink holding spaces. It also features a small zip-able pouch that can help to keep your keys and cell phones safe.

Britax console

This compact console is like a Tardis on the inside. Not only does it have three fastening pockets that will fit all your bits and pieces into them but it also has two insulated bottle holders which will help to keep your bottles hot or cold depending on how you put them in.


Maclaren offer their take on the umbrella stroller console by offering an impressive amount of storage that doesn’t get in the way of the functions of your stroller. It has a large mesh pouch that can fit towels, toys and much more and two bottle holders at the top to keep them handy in a thirst emergency.

umbrella stroller

Sunshine Kids

If you’re not looking for a fancy pants console then Sunshine Kids might have the solution for you. Featuring two bottle holders and a storage compartment this console might seem stripped of some of the other’s cool features but in some cases and this being one of them, less is more.

Bugaboo “drivers”

Another simple umbrella stroller console that impresses is the Bugaboo, this handy console can attach to your stroller in a number of different places and features a flip lid that can conceal any valuables you might be carrying from sight.

Read more about umbrella strollers.

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Double Jogging Stroller – A Great Way To Stay Fit

Getting back in shape is easy with a double jogging stroller. There is no better way to get fit while simultaneously taking care of your children than by using a double jogging stroller. These could surely help you become as fit as a fiddle without having to call a babysitter to watch your children. When you have this stroller at home, you can have a good time jogging at the park or just around the community.

A double jogging stroller was made for parents who have two or more children at home. Having one baby can be a hand full, but for parents who have two or more, it becomes more complex than that. Fortunately, the double jogging stroller allows parents to be able to safely buckle their kids in the stroller and be able to do their daily activities with ease. And in fact, they could just exercise and jog with their children. This means being able to enjoy the company of their children while spending time investing on getting good health.

Stay Healthy Jogging With A Double Jogging Stroller

Fitness is very important in the lives of moms and dads. Getting fit means becoming more effective in doing your daily tasks which includes being able to take care of your children better. A strong body will help you fight the rigors of rearing your children. And jogging is one way of doing this. With a double jogging stroller, you could simply jog all you want with both of your children in tow.

If you have three children, and your spouse would go along with you, then two of your children could stay in the double jogging stroller, while you or your spouse carries the third one. Both of you could enjoy the benefits of getting good health.

Burn Some Extra Calories Pushing Two Kids On A Double Jogging Stroller

In fact, if you take your children along as you exercise, you will be able to burn more calories. And, if you are trying to lose some weight, bringing along your children and pushing a double jogging stroller will help you lose weight faster. The effort that your body expends, along with the energy that you use in jogging and pushing, will definitely produce good results. So you can be assured that your body gets a great workout after having jogged for 20 minutes. If you can lengthen the time that you jog, then you could burn more calories as well.

Tips For Choosing A Double Jogging Stroller

When you are looking for a double jogging stroller, then there are some things that you need to consider. One of the things that must be noted when looking for a good double jogging stroller is durability. The stroller should be made of materials that prove resistant against rough terrain. They must be able to hurdle bumps on the road, as well as areas that are not smooth and well-paved. They should last you for years. If you bought a double jogging stroller when your children were still babies or toddlers, then it must allow you to use the stroller for a couple of years more until the time that your children outgrow the weight limit of the stroller. See more tips here.

Get A Double Jogging Stroller Which Is Right For You And Your Kids

The seats of the double jogging stroller should be comfortable and must be able to accommodate your children regardless of their age. This means that when you have a baby, the seat should be able to handle her fragile body. If you have a toddler or a preschooler, then the stroller must be able to handle it too.

And no matter what the age and size of your children are, the seats of the double jogging stroller must be comfortable for them. The seats must have the right kind of cushion and would need to keep your child safe, comfy, snug and well protected.

What Else Do We Need To Look When We Buy A Double Jogging Stroller?

A great double jogging stroller must also have the right canopy. This is very important because it will protect your child from the rays of the sun as you jog at any time of day. Look for those retractable canopies that you could easily position to adapt to the sun. That way, your children would be provided with the best shade whenever they need it.

You can also choose a double jogging stroller with a canopy viewing window. That way, you would be able to monitor the activities of your children while on the stroller. They may be within arms’ reach, but being able to see how they are doing through a canopy viewing window would always be better.

double jogging stroller

Make Sure That The Wheels Of A Double Jogging Stroller Are Strong And Flexible

The wheels of the double jogging stroller also have to be very maneuverable and strong. It must be able to turn to the direction that you want. Imagine having a double jogging stroller with a front wheel that is very hard to turn, and you would surely find it hard to enjoy jogging. Why? If the wheel does not turn easily, then you might find yourself constantly stopping just to fix the direction that the stroller would take. This could really hamper your routine and cause you to burn lesser calories.

At home, I have a double jogging stroller, which I got from In Step and it is amazing. I consider it my companion in taking care of my children at home. Thrice a week, my children and I would go to the park and have fun jogging. I would bring along water and some biscuits for them so that they would not get hungry along the way. On weekends, my husband would join us and we would always have a great time at the park. Thanks to the high quality double jogging stroller that we got. Read about more great double jogging strollers.

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A Review of the Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System

The super-stylish look is what really sets the Orbit Baby G2 Stroller apart from all other strollers on the market. There’re so many amazing features we will discuss here. First of all, (as you probably already known) this stroller features a 360° rotation with 4 locking positions which can face back, front or either sides. There’s no need for a big parasol. Simply face the little one completely away from the direct sunlight.

The five second one-hand fold mechanism is something that has to be thoroughly examined since there’s a plastic lock on the same bar which rotates. As expected, this feature prevents it from accidentally closing on itself. Nonetheless parents want be able to easily apply the one handed folding of the stroller particularly in case they have in tow on the other hand the seat and the child sitting in it.

It is equipped with an enhanced suspension system (when compared to earlier versions) on all 4 sides that the manufacturer dubbed the Quad Shock. There are low-profile foam-filled tires – these tires really do contribute to a smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of the terrain. However, we have to say that it handles best on even surfaces.

The Orbit Baby G2 stroller is quite easy to assemble right out of the box. Just pull out the frame & snap on the 4 wheels until it clicks firmly into place. The toddler seat and infant car seat are basically fully assembled too. Parents will just have to snap on the bars into place along with the plastic piece holding the UV canopy & you’re all ready to go.

There’s one other problem with this high-end piece of baby product – there is no baby bassinet in the package. Parents will have to get the bassinet separately and, as expected, it’s not cheap at all. After all, no one is ready to pay a lot of cash for something that’ll be used only for half a year. It’s worth mentioning that the Bugaboo Cameleon features intelligently designed system around the aluminum frame that’s used to act as the toddler seat and also as the baby bassinet. Everything a parent has to do is swap fabrics on the frame. So once you’re all done with the bassinet function then it is possible fold the fabric flat and to keep it somewhere for the next child. The bassinet on this stroller does fold kind of flat.


Unfortunately, it still is not compact in any way because it comes with its own frame. This is definitely something the manufacturer has to improve in case they plan to be as innovative as what the Bugaboo Cameleon had become.

Overall, this stroller is one other beautifully-designed high-end model. The Orbit Baby G2 does not look or feel flimsy. It’s quite simple and many stylish moms will like it. It’s much like the Mercedes of strollers. And like any Mercedes car, there’re short-comings and also competitor cars with plenty more features and a more reasonable price tag. On the other hand, not everyone will ever come close to the superior design & simplicity of the Orbit Baby G2 Stroller .

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