Top Features in a Travel Crib

best travel cribs

Travel cribs are very versatile – they are not just good for travel, but also make a great alternative to a bulkier portable crib and can also be used as a play pen. For this reason, travel cribs are also very popular. They can be quite pricey, however, so it’s important to do some research to discover the best travel crib for you. Here are some of the features to look out for!

Age Range

Different travel cribs are suitable for different age ranges, so you need to take into account the age of your child when you purchase one and how long you wish to use the crib for. Some are not suitable from birth whereas others are not suitable once your baby is standing, so this is a very important factor. If your child is 2 or over, you may also want to investigate a toddler travel bed as a great alternative to a travel crib. Read more about the best toddler travel beds here.

best travel cribs
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Size of the Travel Crib

It is important to pick a travel crib that is a suitable size. Although travel cribs are all relatively compact and small, there can be large variations between them. The size when folded particularly matters if you plan on flying with the travel crib or if you have a small car. You need to ensure that you will be able to fit your travel crib into your luggage or into the trunk of the car.


Like the size of a travel crib, the weight is also important. This is also especially the case if you are flying and need to ensure that it will fit into your luggage allowance. You also need to be able to carry your travel crib easily.


It’s important that anywhere you lay your baby to sleep is safe. Any travel crib you buy should meet all safety guidelines and be appropriate for your child’s age. Read more about travel crib safety here.

Extra Features

Once you have determined that a certain travel crib meets your size, weight and age range requirements, you should ensure that it also has any extra features that you require. For example, some also make a great, safe place for your baby to play. Others come with mosquito nets or rain covers.


Although it has been left to last, this is probably the most important feature. You must ensure the travel crib fits into your price range. There is a large range of prices for a good travel crib. There is no need to spend a fortune, but a bit of extra money can buy you better quality and more features.

There are many travel cribs to pick from and getting the right one can be tricky. A great resource is to find out more tips and tricks to finding your perfect crib.

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