Top Recommended Features When Buying a Double Jogging Stroller

recommended double strollers

If you are thinking about trying to get fit after just becoming a parent then you might be thinking about buying a double jogging stroller, however after a quick look on the internet you are barraged with 100s of different makes and brands all calling out and saying they are the best. So what do you look for? What makes one stand out in front of the other and how will you make the best choice that will work for both you and your child?

Suspension matters

The first thing you should think about when it comes to a double jogging stroller is the suspension. This isn’t going to be used in the same way as an umbrella stroller and you need to account for that. Think about it, where are you going to be jogging, in the park, through the backstreets? Where ever it is that you chose to jog, you will be bombarded with lumps, bumps and generally rough terrain. It won’t be you who suffers from this though, it will be your baby, so you need to make sure that you get the best possible suspension that you, to prevent your child from being thrown around.

Does your rear bar look big in this?

The rear bar can generally be a handy thing to have, except for when it comes to double jogging strollers. The rear bar will quickly become your enemy, the reason for your bruises and the bringer of pain. So you might want to think about your legs when purchasing your stroller. The ones without rear bars will be much more suitable for a good jog than those with.

Cab Space

If you are planning to jog through any area that might have lumps or bumps then you need to think about the amount of space your child has. Is there ample leg room and head room? Will they be hitting their heads on the top when you go over a hill and will their legs be dragging on the ground? I know this seems like an obvious thing but sometimes and most often the obvious things are with the things that get over looked.

Special features

Most prams try to have a unique selling point, something that really makes them stand out in a crowd but what special features might you want when using a double jogging stroller? Well most commonly you will find speakers that are built into your pram or a special place to put an Mp3 player, this might not sound like much but when you are out having a jog; you might appreciate a little music to your ears.

recommended double strollers

Other prams offer bottle holders which can be handy when you have a bottle of water or you know that your baby will need a feed somewhere along the way. You can often get bottle holders that are insulated meaning that hot things stay hot and cold things stay nice and cold.

If you are thinking about buying a double jogging stroller then these are things worth keeping in mind. After all what might work for you in terms of weight and size, might not work for your baby in terms of suspension and the ability to have a bottle.

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