Why an Umbrella Stroller’s Suspension Matters

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It doesn’t matter whether your umbrella stroller is for a simple walk into town or whether you have a double jogging stroller that you use for your morning run, the suspension matters. Have you ever sat in a low car while going over a speed bump? Can you remember the way the force slams in to you as you hit the ground on the other side? Well that’s exactly what you baby will feel should you choose your umbrella stroller without putting any thought into the suspension.

You live in an urban area

So you think because you live in an urban area that all the terrain you will be crossing will be smooth and flat? Have you thought about all the curbs you will be going over? Have you thought about all the cracked paving stones, steps and hills you will have to navigate, if you haven’t then really should think about the situation again. The fact is that even in urban areas there are lumps and bumps all over the place that will rattle your baby around unless you have adequate suspension.

You live in a rural area

So you live in a rural area and there aren’t many curbs around, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need suspension on your umbrella stroller, in fact it increases your need. Any stone or ditch in the path you take will affect your baby unless the suspension is holding it away. So again you need to make sure that your stroller has the right protection for your little one.

Side Affects

If you don’t have the right suspension on your umbrella stroller then your baby could get seriously hurt. There are such disorders as shaken baby syndrome that can actually be caused by being shaken and that’s exactly what will happen if the suspension isn’t enough in your pram. Now in most cases the shaking in the pram will only be mild and will cause no harm, even if it does cause some discomfort but in some cases the effects could be a lot worse.

Another problem with poor suspension that is much milder than shaken baby syndrome is that your child will simply not be able to get to sleep. They will feel every lump and bump in the road as if it is right next to them and it will make an impossible situation when it comes to settling them down. So if your baby likes being walked to sleep then this will be a disaster.

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In conclusion

An umbrella stroller’s suspension is one of the most important features to consider when choosing which stroller to buy. If it isn’t suitable for the terrain that it will be used on then it could cause your baby a great deal of discomfort. This discomfort can cause a whole array of problems from sleep deprivation to syndromes that could affect your baby for life, so while you might have thought that umbrella stroller suspension was just another selling gimmick you couldn’t actually be more wrong.

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